January 02, 2005

"The Day Undramatic" with John Love

Today I watched the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou at Cinemark Tinseltown.

What sucked me into this film in the first place was the overall quirkiness of the production, which to me had hints of the Beatles or Monty Python fantasy elements, and the right-on soundtrack (a Devo song - yay!).

Afterwards, I got an Americano and headed outide into the early afternoon sun. It was weird and lucky to find a spot at end of a sidewalk bench where the sun hid perfectly behind the silhouette of the street signals.. I HATE sun in my eyes. I knew in a minute or so the sun would creep around that lamp and get me right in the eyes. Oh well. The air was crisp and the coffee hot, and there was nowhere I had to be anytime soon.

After my coffee was done, I took the Skytrain all the way out to Surrey and back, just because I hadn't been out that way in many years. Overall, it was a nice little day.

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