February 09, 2004

The Snail's Pace: Rewriting my History

I originally started writing my True Life personal family history project back in 1998. It's now kind of incredible to me that I have managed to keep my True Life web writing project alive for the past six years. Historically, I have had a rather bad tendency to start new projects and then not finish them - a "weakness" that has irritated me whenever I have thought about it.

Maybe it's a mark a new maturity or something that I can now keep a project alive for long periods of time.

It has taken me six years to write about the first eight years of my life. That could mean that writing about another sixteen years of history (to cover me to the age of 24) will take at least 12 years of writing. I'll be almost fifty! I might be too senile or dead to finish it beyond that...

Man - I gotta kick this writing pace  up a notch.

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