February 22, 2004

The Death of Webmonkey!

Bye bye Webmonkey

Webmonkey, Wired's online web reference/tutorial haven, is going offline for good.

This is very sad news for webmeisters like me who have come to enjoy or even rely upon Webmonkey's cool, funny and well-written articles and resources...

I swore by this site, particularly between 1996 and 1998, during the tail-end of the dot.com boom in Vancouver. Webmonkey provided helpful articles and tutorials which were easy to read and fast to digest - very important when you have a deadline and some new technology to learn in a hurry.

It's sad to read about the office and the people, and hear how things must "wind down". Having been through four wind-downs myself, it's always painful to realize that an endeavour that you really believed in and into which you invested so much sweat and enthusiasm is coming to and end forever. It actually hurts. I'm sure it hurts for the Webmonkey staff who are now laid off.

I always have suggested Webmonkey to web newbies as well - the beginner articles were also quite excellent.

I sure hope that someone sets up a Webmonkey archive or a tribute site somewhere... It would suck if Wired or Lycos didn't preserve the content somewhere. I think it's still quite useful and relevant for those coming into web development for the first time...

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