What's the deal with all my web sites - and now the Blog?

So, what's up with Blogs anyway?

So, what's the deal with these things? I have developed this minor obsession with extending my ideas and personality out into the ether - or at least into the web.

First, back in '97/98 it was my own web site, then in '99 it was a web-based family memoir, then a myfamily.com site a year later, then more web projects, and then an online portfolio, and now this blog.

What up? It's like I can't stop talking about myself!
I can't. I can't stop, you know. Talking. About myself.


My inner cynic is saying "Who cares? What - do you think it'll bring you attention or even fame? Grab a brain buddy. Nobody's going to read it. And if they do, what does that mean? What is that worth?" I hate my inner fricking cynic. He can be such an asshole sometimes.

My inner optimist says that this is not so much about a blog or even the web providing me with opportunities to gratify my ego. It's about fulfilling some automatic need for personal expression - having, and using an outlet. I suppose that in itself is enough.

And this way, I don't drive my wife nuts with vocalizing all my spurious brain emissions. ;)