August 03, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a song...

Once upon a time there was a boy
Who put his past on display for others to see.

"My life made me different, special" he sang.
"There's nobody else quite like me."

As he grew older, wiser too,
He learned that what he'd thought of himself just wasn't true.

People are unique, beautiful, intricate things,
Worthy of story and the songs that we sing.

But singing has been done over countless years,
Infinite songs sung to infinite ears.

So, no matter what you sing, your song isn't new,
No matter how hard you try.

But if you come up from the heart,
you may find that your true tone resonates and makes someone else ring.

Solos are nice, but the boy learned
that nature wants us to sing together.

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