April 19, 2005

A cup of Earl Grey, and my favourite physician...

A Tardis in a pretty landscape...

CBC Television - Doctor Who

The new British Doctor Who series is great!

I only ever saw a few of episodes from the sixties and seventies series', which used to be replayed on KVOS TV Bellingham, and thought they were pretty cheesy and corny, with lousy special effects. So, essentially, I was really in it for the theme music, which is such a signature of the series.

When the new series started being broadcast on CBC on April 9th, I wondered if it would be even cheesier, and it kind of was - and it kind of wasn't.

The first episode combined a young London girl whose boyfriemns is eaten by a plastic garbage bin, a mysterious stranger who reappears throughout history (you know who), and re-animated department store mannequins on the rampage. Yes, reanimated department store mannequins.

"Oh God," I groaned, "it's just as stupid and cheesy as the old series..."

But you know what? the FX were actually very good! And the acting was... very good! And overall, I thought it was... very good!

* sigh *

It's nice to have a new once-per-week TV obsession...

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